I never understood what's wrong with the prequels, and I'd like to find out.

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    I'd go with too broad/primarily opinion based. Pop into chat, and I'm sure we'd all love to vent about it, though. – phantom42 Jan 30 '15 at 15:52
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    Ask this in chat, and just try to stop us from providing a litany of reasons. – user1027 Jan 30 '15 at 16:55
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    The answer is Jar Jar. – Valorum Jan 30 '15 at 18:10
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    @Richard - Jar Jar should NEVER be an answer. – DVK-on-Ahch-To Jan 30 '15 at 18:56

While this is an interesting question, it is unfortunately off-topic and I would vote to close. You are asking for a list (lists are generally off-topic) of subjective reasons (subjective questions are also off-topic).

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Echoing @Null, @Phantom42 and @Keen; Whilst this isn't an appropriate subject for a site question (too subjective, too broad, too-opinion-based), it would be an excellent subject to bring up in the Mos-Eisley Chatroom where there are no proscriptive rules about on-topic conversation.

Assuming you go the chat route, you might even like to try to create an "event" by getting people to attend at a specific time to discuss it or, if you have sufficient rep, by creating your own dedicated "Why do people hate the prequel trilogy" chatroom (which you can then publicise on Mos Eisley).

I for one would be happy to attend an event or visit your chatroom to explain why I hate Jar Jar what I dislike about the films.

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  • I'd be happy to attend, but please give us mods some notice - I wouldn't want the discussion to turn tour. – AncientSwordRage Feb 1 '15 at 12:22
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    @Pureferret - I think there will be much swearing and cursing. Perhaps we could institute a five minute rule when people are ranting about Jar Jar. – Valorum Feb 1 '15 at 14:16
  • Hi Richard! That sounds like a lot of fun! If I went via the event route, what time would you recommend that would be convenient for the people here? – Twilight Sparkle Feb 1 '15 at 20:10
  • @Pureferret Noted, I'll definitely give advance notice :) – Twilight Sparkle Feb 1 '15 at 20:10
  • That's a good point. I'm usually around between 9PM UTC and 1AM UTC. Perhaps it might be a good idea to set it as an all day event on a Saturday (with a meeting time at perhaps 10PM UTC when most people will be awake). – Valorum Feb 1 '15 at 20:58
  • Okay, I will do that. I'll wait a day before opening the chat room in case if anyone has suggestions. – Twilight Sparkle Feb 1 '15 at 23:03

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