I am facing a pretty weird bug. Sometime, when I type an '@username' at the start of a comment, it disappears when I submit the comment. If I afterwards click on edit, the '@username' is not present in the comment text body either.

Specific instance occured in this question. Putting in another comment had the same bug. This has occured before, but I though it was just a freak accident.

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Was the username the person that wrote the question/answer that you're commenting on? I've seen this recently as well. My guess is that it is a new feature where the username is removed because it's implied.

(Personally, I think explicit is better than implicit, but I suppose there is some merit in this).

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    correct, the post owner is always notified of all comments so @postowner is never required. We auto-remove it if the only people commenting are you and the post owner. (protip: @username is also not required for post owner response comments in the same situation.. we assume the post owner is never talking to him or herself...) Jul 11, 2011 at 10:54

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