I've always wondered. Its quite beautiful.

These are the things I've wondered...

Is that an angel or some greek god?

Is that an ocean horizon on the shore of rocks or overlooking a blue planet of some sort with asteroids?

What is the rune markings in a circle around her that seems to have a theme of 3 being significant.

The larger circle is a star chart two and what are the wavy lines encased on two circles indicating?

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As I posted in an another version of this question:

The logo is an original creation.

From the above link (credit to Jin, designer and original poster):

The logo for the site is the rune circle around the female warrior's silhouette. It's not actually in the logo type "Science Fiction + Fantasy." I feel this placement sets the mood better in the header image. Its design is inspired by a promotional t-shirt I created for the NYC Comiccon couple of months ago

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