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The overall symbol that this SE site has selected to represent “Science Fiction & Fantasy” is shown above.

Every SE site that uses a symbol has chosen one that very easily represents the topic at hand. Examples include books for Academia, a 20-sided die for Role-playing Games, and a chef hat for Seasoned Advice (My pick for wittiest SE name btw).

What reason was this sites symbol chosen for and what, if any, are the work(s) of Science Fiction/Fantasy that it originates from?

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Have a look at this Sci-Fi & Fantasy Meta Topic on the subject.

The logo is an original creation.

From the second link (credit to Jin, designer and original poster):

The logo for the site is the rune circle around the female warrior's silhouette. It's not actually in the logo type "Science Fiction + Fantasy." I feel this placement sets the mood better in the header image. Its design is inspired by a promotional t-shirt I created for the NYC Comiccon couple of months ago

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