Okay, so this isn't really a question, but I just thought I'd compile this and share it, so we can use it to show what hot topics are. These aren't in any particular order.

  • Lord of the Rings: 5, including 3 questions with more than 1K visitors
  • 1 Hitchhiker's Guide
  • 1 Star Wars, with 3K visitors
  • 1 2001, with 3K visitors
  • 1 List
  • 2 StarGate: including a 2K visitor
  • 1 Matrix
  • 1 Dr. Who
  • 1 Battlestar Galactica, with 2K visitors
  • 1 Story Identification

Of these, it looks like Stargate and Lord of the Rings gets the most votes, and bring in alot of users to boot.


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When looking at what questions bring in the most users there are only 4 notable questions (Over 2500 views), 2 of them are about . There are 9 Star Wars questions with over 500 views and 4 with over 1000 out of 56 total questions.

The tag has the most questions (86) but only 7 with over 500 views and none over 1000.

Our in house Star Wars guru is DVK and for Star Trek it's Mark Trapp


You can view the “hottest” questions. Hotness is calculated from the number of views, votes and answers, with recent views/votes/answers weighing a lot more than old ones.

You can easily see the highest-scored questions, and also fairly easily see the highest-scored answers (is:answer). You can't sort by views, but you can search for questions with at least X views (views:X).

If you'd like to analyze the data further, you can get it in parsable form through the API. With barely 1000 questions, you can just retrieve them all from /questions (get /questions?sort=creation&order=asc&pagesize=100&page=N for N=1..9 at present). The data includes the view and vote count.

The moderator tools includes various statistics, including total page views across the site, main referrers and common search keywords. The specifics are confidential, but here are a few trends:

  • The total page views have more than doubled in May compared to April. (They were lower in April than in Feb-Mar; we've come back a little above the February level.)
  • The increase is even larger for the number of new visits (which remained about the same level between late Jan and mid-Apr, then started to rise).
  • Search engines now account for more than 40% of the traffic.
  • It's hard to tell with the search keywords, because the reporting is buggy. But Doctor Who comes up a lot, with Star Trek and Game of Thrones far behind.

Here's the list of the subject of the most great answers, again in no particular order. For reference, there is 33 answers that are great answers right now.

  • 3 Dr. Who
  • 3 BattleStar Galactica
  • 2 Dune
  • 7 Lord of the Rings
  • 1 Firefly
  • 5 Star Wars
  • 1 Stargate
  • 1 Harry Potter
  • 3 Star Trek
  • 1 Issac Asimov
  • 1 List questions
  • 1 Super Heros
  • 1 Blade Runner
  • 1 Matrix
  • 1 General Technology
  • 1 Hitchhiker's Guide

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