Given the nature of of this SE and other SE sites like "Movies & TV" or "Anime & Manga" or (possibly) "Arqade", it's pretty likely for questions that fit on one of said sites, to also be a good fit on SFF SE.

I know it's not acceptable to cross-post to multiple sites from the beginning.

However, in a situation where a question is asked on Site 1 where it is completely appropriate, but either does not receive an answer at all or a correct/good answer for a long period of time, is it considered acceptable to cross-post to Site 2 where it is also completely appropriate?

If not cross-posting, then is requesting for migration possible? Will this remove the reputation / badges / votes earned on that question?


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This question should answer yours.

And this one.

I don't know whether your question is a duplicate,but a lot of questions that are asked on the anime and manga and Movies and tv SE's are either duplicates of what is asked here or they are very closely related.

This is what was said to me about moving questions.

There's nothing to stop you asking it on one, then getting a mod to move it to the other.

And this.

Cross-posting is strongly discouraged. (Strictly speaking, that's multi-posting: a question is only present on one site, the SE platform does not support cross-posting by design.) It might be ok occasionally to ask similar questions on both sites, but the questions should be tailored to each audience.

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