Was there an effort to clean up "See Wiki" basic type of questions on SciFi SE, similar to the effort to clean up "lists" questions?

As an example, this one:

In the Dune series, why are they not using computers and programming related technologies?

Seems to match the FAQ's off-topic rule of Facts easily found on a reference site: Who played X in Y?

(there may be more - I stumbled on the Dune one by accident).

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The mass-moderator-closing of list questions was done for several reasons:

  • These questions were easily collected, based on tags (set by the community, not by moderators).
  • List questions tend to gather more and more answers over time, so closing makes a difference.
  • List questions are easy to identify unambiguously.

None of these reasons apply to too-basic questions.

Furthermore, I don't think your example is that basic. Sure, Wikipedia has an answer, but I don't find the Butlerian Jihad article completely satisfactory, for example it doesn't explain why computers didn't survive in a splinter group and eventually reappear (yes, I guess the answer is author fiat).

  • this is off-topic for Meta :), but I'm not 100% certain that the full Dune universe precludes your "survive in a splinter group and eventually reappear" idea. There were a lot of weird things in the larger physical Universe alluded to in the latter sequels. This might make an interesting question for SE site - I'll ask when I have time, or feel free to run with the idea and ask yourself :) Mar 16, 2011 at 19:25
  • Upon a second look, I'm still somewhat convinced that the question I used as example is against the FAQ but I see where you have a valid point. I was more interested in organized effort as a conept anyway, so your answer is 100% what I was looking for, thanks! Mar 16, 2011 at 19:26

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