What does this mean? When I went to see if there was any new questions on Scifi & Fantasy I noticed I had earned reputation, so when i clicked the symbol where it shows how you earn't reputation it said the following...

You have earned a bonus 100 reputation because we trust you on other sites on the network

What does this mean and how did I earn it. I know it says it all by the quote above but I would like an answer because I don't really understand.

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While different StackExchange sites have different standards and norms, they still share a lot of similar traits. If you know how one site works (how to write a good question, how to give a good answer, the mechanics of up/downvoting, etc), you already have a good head start in fitting into any other StackExchange site.

Due to that, if you have more than 200 rep in any StackExchange site, and you link that profile to a new StackExchange site, you automatically get 100 reputation. You've proven you know your way around an SE site, so you get an automatic bump in all sites, allowing you to do things like post links and images, upvote, write comments, and all other intermediate-level features that brand-new users don't get.

Basically, it means that we trust you.


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