Since we don't really like questions about plot inconsistencies (they tend to get closed as "opinion based"), do we want the newly minted tag https://scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/plot-inconsistency

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Sorry but "we don't really like questions about plot inconsistencies" is an assertion without any proof and is 100% false.

There may be some members of the community who don't like them (and try to close them by applying entirely unwarranted "opinion based" despite the OP seeking a fact based in-universe answer).

But based on Meta, questions about plot inconsistencies are generally on-topic. Since it was discussed previously ([1], [2],[3],[4],[5] - some explicitly discuss the in-scopeness of plot hole questions; and some simply discuss how to answer such questions which by omission of "this isn't in scope" validates the question being in-scope) I won't devote space and time to re-hashing it.

As such, the tag is perfectly fine based on your reasoning.

However, we already have a tag which IMHO fully encompasses anything that does, so the latter may be a good idea to be a synonym of the former.


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