So, I tried to ping the mods on chat to make sure they are OK with a post of mine.

Just to make sure my brain isn't stuck in 2012, I decided to double check who current mods are.

And discovered that it doesn't appear to be easily discoverable (at least to me)

  • We can tell who the newly elected moderators in 2013 were.

  • But, we also need to add in whoever moderators from previous years were (more Meta posts?)

  • ... and remove whoever resigned from moderation (in this specific case, we were lucky and the same 2013 post stated who did).

Is there a way to just look up a list of all current site's moderators, ideally usable for any SE site. Preferable NOT involving

  • digging through 5+ meta posts

  • digging through top user lists and looking which of them has a diamond in a name.

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We used to be listed on an 'about this site' type of page, but they moved us under the Users tab a year or two ago:


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