Please link to your favorite questions and answers which were either asked or answered from July 1st 2013 through September 30th 2013.

I'm going to compile list to post to the blog. This will be the same format as the last two quarterly blogs.

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My favorites are two of the LotR questions DavRob60 listed from his queries:

Both are good questions, and both received excellent answers.


I would also like to add this late answer (Jul 3) on a first quarter question :

What is the significance of the reversed colours of imperial and rebellion lasers compared to lightsabres?


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    Yes, that one was really surprising for me. I kinda feel a bit bad for not having accepted it yet, but I was hoping for some sort of a more official confirmation. Great answer, anyway :)
    – bitmask
    Commented Oct 8, 2013 at 17:19

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