I know that moderators can take an answer that should be a comment, and turn it into a comment (attributed to same poster).

Can moderators do the reverse (turn comment into an answer posted by same user) when a comment that really stands out as a decent answer is posted? E.g. this one

Please note that the question is merely a technical "can", e.g. I don't care about policy, "should", or whether it's a good/bad idea angles - although I suspect everyone's consensus would be on "bad idea". Merely want to know if the software on SE allows this.

  • No
    – user56
    Aug 17, 2013 at 16:53

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No, moderators cannot create a full post on behalf of a user, even from a comment they posted. All we can do is what you already did, encourage them to post it as a full answer themselves.

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