MLP:FIM has been discussed before and I think the consensus is that it's on-topic.

I've watched a lot of MLP (FIM and the generations before), and now my daughter has exposed me to the latest abomination^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H variation: Equestria Girls. In this new show,

Twilight Sparkle and Spike travel through a portal to "another world" where Spike is transformed into a dog and Twilight into a high-school girl. In the course of their quest, they meet 5 other girls who are remarkably similar to the other 5 ponies. (Who'd have guessed?!)

This question seems to be about Equestria Girls, and it's probably clear from my comments there and here that I don't see much redeeming value in the show. Although it's a spin-off of FIM, I'm hoping it could be declared off-topic. The focus of the show is not so much magic and talking ponies as it is "standard" high-school girl situations, which doesn't seem very SF&F to me.

Please, can it be deemed off-topic?


The Equestria Girls film is just as topical as the Friendship is Magic show.

The film (Equestria Girls is a film which got limited theatrical release, not a spin-off show; it's in continuity with the series) is actually very much about magic and talking ponies; the "high-school girl situations" B-plots only exist to serve the overarching A-plot story of a stolen magic item hidden in an alternate universe similar to our own.

Since your reason for thinking it's not SF&F is inaccurate and your primary motive for wanting the film declared off-topic is that you don't like it, I can't give any weight to the request. Declaring Equestria Girls as non-fantasy is akin to declaring that the episode where Teal'c hallucinates he's a firefighter isn't science fiction.

If you don't like the pony questions, you can make it so you never see them again without imposing your dislike on the rest of the site.

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