Please link to your favorite questions and answers which were either asked or answered from January 1st 2013 through March 31st 2013.

I'm going to compile list to post to the blog.

This will be similar to the QOTW (http://scifi.blogoverflow.com/category/qotw/) posts only it would be more of a quarterly thing.


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A recent question I thought particular good (and with a good answer): Where'd those guys on the Millennium Falcon go?


I learned a lot from this question and it surprised me with a topic that I'd never considered before. The accepted answer composed by @MattPatterson & @Iszi is also awesome and contains very fun, informative links.

Q&A: Which actor has portrayed the most distinct roles in the Star Trek universe?

@DanielRoseman has put up great Tolkien answers. For instance,
A: Why did Boromir take so long to reach Rivendell?


For now, the posts I find particularly noteworthy and partly underrated are



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Can a House-elf be made a Secret Keeper? asked by Fen1ks on 3/2/13

Why would a Shrinking Solution turn Neville's toad into a tadpole rather than a small toad? asked by DVK on 3/14/13

Charms and Enchantments Conundrum asked by Fen1ks on 3/13/13

How do the wandmakers get the cores into the wands? asked by Major Stackings on 3/26/13, and featuring John O and his now absconded drill press.

What elements of Arthurian legend are adopted in Harry Potter? asked by Inception on 4/1/13

Steampunk energy sources: What are they and how are they obtained? asked by Alenanno on 4/3/13

Why did Lily's enchantments work for Voldemort? asked by a Slytherin on 2/24/13

What parts of Half-Blood Prince were originally written for Chamber of Secrets? asked by Izkata on 1/1/13


Did Mad-Eye Moody lose a buttock? asked by ZOMG on 4/17/13

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