I recently asked a question, It was commented to re-alter the way it is posted and change the title of the question by the moderator. It has different opinion on its closure. So i believe based on the votes the Question will be re-opened. Or is it like moderators decision.?

How many votes are needed for the question to be re-opened?

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It takes 5 votes to close a question. It takes the same to reopen a question. If there's disagreement, we discuss it on meta, and usually a moderator acts according to the community's decision (if there is a clear community decision).

Votes by moderators (users with a ♦ after their name) are immediately binding. Users with a gold tag badge can also close and reopen questions with that tag with a single vote, but only for closure as duplicates.

The question looks ok to me now, I cast the final reopen vote.


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