A while ago I asked Are there any SciFi/Fantasy novels with a Whale Civilization at the core? The question was closed on account of it being "not for this site as it is a list question." I keep coming up with questions of a similar sort, e.g. "Is there a comprehensive list of science fiction containing some kind of star gate?", or "Books/stories featuring a gray goo apocalypse?" - things like that.

Other than obsessive Googling, is there any kind of cross genre resource that can be used for this kind of research/inquiry?

I realize this is also a list question -- but I am hoping it is a list question to end all list questions, so hopefully it will be allowed to live.


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Here are a couple that I really like:

And the specialized entries are merely parts (great parts, but just parts) of awesome resources.

P.S. One partial way around the ban on list questions is to ask for a first appearance. For example, "What is the first appearance of a whale civilization in SF?"

P.P.S. Hey moderators, I think this question fits the main site as well as Where can I find SF reviews? If the answers fill out more, it could be a useful resource for those who ask list questions.


In some instances, TVTropes is a good resource.

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