Possibly due to the Futurama event, we've had a rash of bad answers by drive-by users recently, especially but by no means exclusively on Futurama questions. These answers need curating. There are two means of curating bad answer posts: downvoting and deleting.

  • If the answer is obviously completely bogus, or if it's something like “I wondered the same”, then please flag it as “not an answer”.

  • If the answer is bogus, but not obviously so, then downvote.

    Keep in mind that moderators are not supposed to use subject knowledge (and at least one of us has no subject knowledge of Futurama). Futurama has convoluted plots. If it takes research to find out whether a post is an unsubstantiated but plausible theory, or complete tripe, we cannot delete the answer. But if it is tripe, it should be downvoted.


  • “Boobs... Boobs make you become leader... Yes, Boobs.” (Yes, this is a genuine, complete answer that was posted on this site) → clearly idiotic, flag as “not an answer” (or vote to delete if you have 20k rep).

  • [20 lines of implausible plot involving time travel on a Futurama question] → on the face of this description, this could be a right answer. Downvote, but don't flag as “not an answer” or “very low quality” — we couldn't act on it.

Again, remember: moderators do not judge whether answers are correct.

Please use the right tool to help keep the site clean.

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    Gaming had/has a similar problem and has a good writeup on their meta as well
    – Ben Brocka
    Jun 26, 2012 at 0:32


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