Say, I want to find the list of users who have a silver badge .

For non-per-tag badges, you can go to the list of badges, and click on a badge name, which takes you to a list of badge awardees.

But per-tag-badges are NOT on the list; so this approach does not work.

Now, if one knows the badge ID (which I do in this case), one can construct the per-tag-badge URL yourself.


However, I know the ID since I already have the badge and click on it from my own badge list.

How can I find the badge ID (or link) for a per-tag-badge?

Please note that "Look at a user who has the badge" is NOT a valid answer, as there may be zero users with the badge so far (e.g. Gold harry-potter badge has no users).

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If the badge has already been given to a user, look at the tags tab on the badges page.

If the badge has never been awarded, it does not have a number. Numbers are allocated to tag badges when they are first awarded.

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    Duh. Never notices the tags tab. Now I feel like an idiot. Commented Jun 14, 2012 at 9:36

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