Author Michael F. Flynn, most notable for the Firestar sequence of novels, passed away at the very end of September. Flynn got his start publishing short works mostly in Analog in the mid-1980s, working up to the serialized novel In the Country of the Blind (serialized 1987, novel 1990) in which Babbage's Difference Engine worked and is used by a secret organization to manipulate the course of history. (Scooping the 1990 Sterling/Gibson collaboration The Difference Engine by several years.) His early novella "Eifelheim" (1986) was nominated for a Hugo Award, placing 5th.

Cover of Analog, August 1987 showing a bespectacled Victorian gentleman, in a Victorian-appearing streetscape, holding a stick from which modern inventions like jet airplanes, cars, and computers dangle from strings like a marionette


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