We have at least four questions with accepted answers on these books, one with the overall series as the answer, two for The Name of the Wind, and one for The Wise Man's Fear. They ask about different aspects of the books, but all are fairly good answers. I have a gold badge, so my vote would auto-close it, making me uncomfortable making that call.


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This all seems very straightforward and I'm not at all uncomfortable about swinging the dupe stick here.

  • I've edited the title of the book series into all four accepted answers
  • I've duped them off to this question and answer as it seems to be the most highly regarded and also contains the largest amount of relevant info about the book series.
  • I've taken the liberty of cleaning up all the links
  • I've corrected a bunch of grammar and spelling mistakes and removed a bunch of chatter from the questions
  • I've slung upvotes on everything because they're all pretty decently written.


  • 2
    I'd wondered why I suddenly had new upvotes on that.
    – Radhil
    Oct 14, 2023 at 22:59

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