I came across this question on review tasks.

So are such type of questions allowed on the site? I mean technically the OP does say that it has sci-fi elements such as the presence of a cyborg and aliens but then again there exist hardcore porn parodies of major sci-fi franchises.

So anybody could ask questions about such movies and get away with it.

So are such questions on topic here?


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For a story-id question I believe we can't, by precedent, rule it off-topic. While whether or not a particular work is on-topic or not largely comes down to cases, one of the unique things about story-id questions is that we don't know the applicable work. In general we are very lenient with story-id questions as long as the asker makes a good-faith assertion that they believe the work is on-topic and can point to at least some SFnal trope or detail.

Also, there are obviously a number of written SF works that are quite sexually graphic, some beyond even what would be possible to film. (I'm not recommending reading it, quite the contrary, but if you've read Farmer's Image of the Beast you know what I'm talking about.) These are obviously on-topic, especially those where the space-phlebotinum requires sex to work. If someone were to film those works, they would likely be pornographic, but still definitely on-topic.

Even beyond that, consider that the genre includes works that are basically serial-numbers-filed-off westerns transposed into a "space" milieu. Wooden ships and iron men in space is also an accepted part of the genre, along with space-pirates... I don't think we can be less accommodating of SFnal transformations of any other base style. In other words if a space-western is on-topic, then space-porn pretty much has to be too.


I don't see why they shouldn't be, as long as they are on topic by being sf or fantasy.

We do need to make sure to keep the minimum age as specified in the TOS in mind when writing posts, but while the subject of a post may be adult material, there's no need to describe it using such explicit terms that it's not appropriate for minors.

That even goes for porn parodies of sf/f works, as long the parodies are sufficiently sf/f-nal themselves and the questions are sufficiently about the sf/f-nal aspects.

Also note that while your example is explicitly asking for identification of a soft porn movie, a lot of books that are considered on topic contain material of a similar level of explicitness.

  • the point is as i mentioned that there exist adult parodies of major scifi franchises, and such movies obviously are low budget and pay zero attention to detail, so now consider someone asks why a character did what they did in the parody movie then the question would be unanswerable since such movies dont have a generic plot and sense and exist for one reason only which is you know ..........
    – shanu
    Feb 8 at 10:10
  • As long as the questions are about the sf/f-nal elements, sure. I'll update my answer to reflect that.
    – SQB
    Feb 8 at 10:12

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