A friend of mine wants to get the “You Got Splunk!” hat from Winter Bash 2022 on Sci Fi & Fantasy SE. This requires that they ask or answer a question with “data” in the name of a tag. What on topic works should they read or watch in the three weeks to make this possible?


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This query finds 6 novels with "data" in the title, including The Terra Data by Tubb.

Publication Date Title Author
1908-00-00 Geyserland: Empricisms in Social Reform. Being Data and Observations recorded by the late Mark Stubble, M.D., Ph.D. Richard Hatfield
1967-00-00 The Golden Boats of Taradata Affair E. C. Eliott
1971-08-00 Data for Death Johannes Allen
1980-04-00 The Terra Data E. C. Tubb
2006-10-00 A Fistful of Data Stephen Dedman
2020-10-21 The Data Riot D. L. Young

The second query finds dozens of shorter works including "Preliminary Data" by Moorcock and "Datableed" by Cadigan.

Publication Date Title Author
1824-00-00 Maredata N. G.
1952-03-00 Incomplete Data H. B. Fyfe
1952-09-00 Zero Data Charles Saphro
1953-09-00 The Available Data on the Worp Reaction Lion Miller
1959-09-00 On Handling the Data M. I. Mayfield
1965-07-00 In the Light of Further Data Christopher Anvil
1965-08-00 Preliminary Data Michael Moorcock
1971-00-00 Second Run at the Data Douglas R. Mason
1972-00-00 Maredata and Giulio, or The Ocean Spirit Anonymous
1981-00-00 Dialect of the Data Disk Celeste Newbrough
1984-11-00 According to Scientific Data Vladen Bakhnov
1989-04-00 Mission Report: 'Datalore' Robert Greenberger
1989-04-00 Mission Report: 'Elementary, Dear Data' Patrick Daniel O'Neill
1990-10-00 Data-Link Kay Fortunato
1991-06-00 Mission Report: 'Data's Day' Patrick Daniel O'Neill
1992-04-00 Preliminary Data F. Alexander Brejcha
1993-08-00 Mission Report: 'A Fistful of Datas' John Sayers
1994-02-00 The Data Class Ben Jeapes
1998-00-00 A Clockwork Data: Not by Anthony Burgess Steven R. Boyett
1998-00-00 Less Than Data: Not by Bret Easton Ellis Steven R. Boyett
1998-03-00 Datableed Pat Cadigan
1998-07-00 What Went Through Data's Mind 0.68 Seconds Before the Satellite Hit Dylan Otto Krider
2000-00-00 Kamikaze Motives of the Immaculate Deconstruction in the Data-Sucking Rust-Age of Insectile Hackers Lance Olsen
2001-04-00 Kandata in Hell's Eye Daniel E. Blackston
2002-05-00 Starfleet Technical Database: Intrepid Class Design Lineage Rick Sternbach
2002-11-00 Starfleet Technical Database: Klingon Personal Weapons Rick Sternbach
2003-00-00 Biographical Data (The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases) uncredited
2003-01-00 Starfleet Technical Database: U.S.S. Stargazer Rick Sternbach
2003-02-00 Starfleet Technical Database: Romulan Propulsion Rick Sternbach
2003-04-00 Starfleet Technical Database: Aeroshuttle Technology Rick Sternbach
2003-06-00 Protecting Data's Friends Scott William Carter
2005-11-14 Through the Data Storm David Lawrence
2006-04-00 Datacide Steve Bein
2010-04-00 Data Crabs Deborah Walker
2012-06-12 The Art of Data Tri-So Vincent Morgan
2012-08-05 Datafall Rich Larson
2012-08-14 Top Secret - Swipe data recovered - Group A - Subject: Teresa James Dashner
2013-01-24 Corrupted Data Found on a Fire Damaged Hard Drive Anonymous
2013-07-00 The Data Runners Above Our Heads: A Documentary Stephen Gaskell
2013-10-11 Data Dogs Eric V. Hardenbrook
2013-12-08 Data Suck Benjamin Kane Ethridge
2014-04-07 Data Dump Trisha L. Senbastian
2014-07-22 A Perfectly Stable Dataglobule K. J. Russell
2014-08-00 Undermarket Data An Owomoyela
2014-09-00 Patterns of a Murmuration, in Billions of Data Points JY Yang
2014-09-10 Data Feed Natsuya Uesugi
2014-11-17 Targeted Strike 2: Judgement Database Adam Rothstein
2015-06-00 Her Data Like Fingerprints Ashley M. Hill
2015-06-02 The Data Tourist Davien Thomas
2016-01-28 The End of Big Data James Bridle
2016-06-01 Star Kitty: The Data Files Faith Blum
2017-04-00 The Frost Giant's Data Dan Abnett
2017-07-00 The Law of Conservation of Data John Grant
2017-08-00 The Headspace Database Helen French
2017-10-03 The Sith of Datawork Ken Liu
2017-10-08 The dataSultan of Streets and Stars Jeremy Szal
2017-10-19 Patient Data Claire Buss
2017-12-11 The Data Eaters Anna O'Brien
2018-03-15 Data João Ramalho-Santos
2018-03-20 Data Transfer Nick Morrison
2018-03-23 Data Stream Claire Buss
2018-06-19 Data Recovery Nicholas Jennings
2019-01-13 Tasting the Data Flow Marcie Franks
2019-03-05 Three Data Units Kitty-Lydia Dye
2019-07-00 Captain Zack & the Data Raiders Steve Rasnic Tem
2019-07-07 The Risks and Advantages of Data Migration Kim Fielding
2019-07-28 A Pebble in the Data Stream Michelle F. Goddard
2019-10-00 Data Laurence Barratt-Manning
2020-10-28 Don't Worry About Your Data Sita Narayan-Dinanauth
2021-02-28 Unlimited Data Eugen Bacon
2021-05-00 Dendrochromatic Data Recovery Report 45-27 Steve Toase
2021-07-12 Data Migration Melanie Harding-Shaw
2022-02-26 Data, Not Data J. Charles Ramirez
2022-06-07 Uncovered Data David Drake
2022-07-00 Sorceress Datale's Apprentice B. T. Petro
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    And one hit for the singular form: "The Quagma Datum" by Stephen Baxter.
    – user14111
    Commented Dec 15, 2022 at 20:58
  • Good job. But isfdb.org/cgi-bin/title.cgi?11115 Android at Arms is in ISFDB, so your query is incomplete.
    – b_jonas
    Commented Dec 15, 2022 at 22:49
  • @b_jonas I wouldn't imagine that "*d-at-a*" matches a pattern of "data", so I don't think that is useful.
    – DavidW
    Commented Dec 15, 2022 at 23:32
  • Besides, you'd have to search individually for "d at a" (9 English matches), "d a ta" (9 English matches), "da ta" (3 English matches, 7 other), "dat a" (5 matches, none English), and "d ata" (3 English matches) and adding punctuation makes it worse: "d: a ta" has 36 matches.
    – DavidW
    Commented Dec 15, 2022 at 23:33
  • @DavidW I believe Stack Exchange considers tags equivalent if they differ only in hyphens, eg. if you try to tag your question with [mar-vel] it will get the marvel tag. Because of that I'm hoping the hat matches regardless of hyphens in the tag name too, and if it turns out that it doesn't, that's a bug that I'll loudly complain about on the main meta.
    – b_jonas
    Commented Dec 15, 2022 at 23:45
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    Why overthink this so much? Just ask a question about Data from Star Trek.
    – DavidW
    Commented Dec 16, 2022 at 0:06
  • Android at Arms (1971), book by Andre Norton
  • Cold Hearted: A Tale of the Wicked Stepmother (2021), book by Serena Valentino based on Disney's Cinderella
  • Star Trek: the New Generation TV series, or the movies in that sub-franchise, because the character Data has his own tag

Alternately, if your friend is technical-minded, they may post on the site Meta about or the .

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    Does that mean that SE's system strips hyphens from the tag in assessing eligibility? Naughty, naughty. They'll be getting coal in their stockings.
    – Adamant
    Commented Dec 15, 2022 at 22:27

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