A relatively popular story ID subject (with six confirmed answers and several additional probable answers) has something of a mess with respect to duplicate management.

The first time that this was asked about was in Feb 2013, and it was answered and accepted then:

  1. 80's Animated movie: An old man joins mission to save a boy stranded on a hostile world

Some duplicates were later closed against it:

Some years later in May 2018, this movie was asked about and got an accepted answer for a fourth time:

  1. Animation movie (80's-90's) with brain-sucking insects

At that time, #1 was closed as a duplicate of #2, despite the fact that #1 was already a duplicate hub. This created a duplicate chain.

Some later duplicates have also been closed against #2:

In addition to a new question today that will be a duplicate if its answer is accepted (1980s sci-fi anime film with a scene where a human boy and an alien are walking through a swamp, and the alien is caught and killed by living vines), there is also an old question with an accepted answer that should be closed:

What's the best way to resolve this tangle and establish a proper hub question for current and future duplicates?


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I pointed all the confirmed duplicates (new and old) to question 2: Animation movie (80's-90's) with brain-sucking insects

(I think this was the first time I had changed dupe targets without actually reopening any questions.)

  • 4
    When an ID question has a comment "This is probably one of the best story IDs I've seen" from one of the site's top reviewers, that's a pretty safe choice of dupe target. Good job with your (newish?) dupehammer powers.
    – Rand al'Thor Mod
    Mar 15, 2022 at 9:53
  • +1 As the asker of the original Duplicate Hub, I agree that Question 2 above is the best choice as Duplicate Hub :) Mar 25, 2022 at 9:15

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