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House, M.D. is clearly neither science fiction nor fantasy (even though this io9 article begs to differ), but some individual episodes have science fiction sub-plots.

In one episode, for instance, the team records a patient's brain activity to visual stimuli for several hours in order to reconstruct an image she is seeing in her mind. And occasionally, there are cases of medical Forgotten Phlebotinum.

To ask the question more broadly: are science fiction and fantasy sub-plots / story arcs / episodes of non-sf-and-f works on topic? How does one decide?

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  • That's exactly what I was looking for. I apparently missed this on the related list while I was composing the question.
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Any episode, subplot, story arc, etc that has SciFi connotations, even though the entirety of the series/story may not have, is considered on topic.

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