Anne Rice has passed away at 80. I loved the Interview with the Vampire series when I was a teen, and I loved the movie back when Tom Cruise wasn't nutty and Brad Pitt was new to Hollywood. Anyhow, the series was formative for me, and tons of other girls too. As a newbie to any fandom, I didn't realize the Vampire series was problematic to girls - I just saw it as entertainment.

Image of Claudia with the caption, "Who will take care of me, my love, my dark angel, when you are gone?"

Notorious for being one of the authors who forbade, and tried to legally bar, fan fiction of her work, Anne Rice softened her position in later years.

"I got upset about 20 years ago because I thought it would block me," she said. "However, it’s been very easy to avoid reading any, so live and let live. If I were a young writer, I’d want to own my own ideas. But maybe fan fiction is a transitional phase: whatever gets you there, gets you there.

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    Wouldn't her estate have something to say about fanfic? Dec 13 '21 at 14:08
  • @FuzzyBoots Just to be sure, "tried to legally bar", do you mean "tried to legally ban"?
    – Clockwork
    Dec 16 '21 at 8:42
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    Both are valid statements. "Bar" can also mean "prevent".
    – FuzzyBoots
    Dec 16 '21 at 14:00

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