All the data has been submitted to the post: Favorite Question and Answers from Third Quarter 2021


Please link to your favorite questions and answers which were either asked or answered from July 1st 2021 through September 30th 2021.

Your answers will be compiled into a blog post like previous quarterly posts.

I will be using DavRob60's queries for a baseline, but I really appreciate people voicing the ones they really enjoyed. Maybe you feel like you answered one really well, even if it didn't receive a lot of votes. Let me know about it.

I will be linking all blog posts that happened within this quarter year. Also the most controversial question of the quarter. Also a sum of all the bounties that were awarded.

Additionally if there was a meta post you feel should be spotlighted those are also acceptable.

  • I'm curious if there's a SEDE query that can show us the best moderator posts in the last quarter, on the main site of course, in the last quarter. If it helps our user-ids are 3804, 31936, 31394, 58193
    – AncientSwordRage Mod
    Sep 29, 2021 at 12:08

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Topic challenges

The third quarter of 2021 saw a bit of a low point (in its second half) in SFF.SE's topic challenge program, with only two topic challenges completed during this quarter: Rivers of London and The Elder Scrolls (the latter run jointly with Arqade SE).


These are my favorites that I've found today (a couple of months ago I might have had other favorites, which I've forgotten about since :-) ).

A planet called Shayol/Treason

This brilliant answer compiling and counting Asimov books, etc.

I particularly like the two recent answers to this older question (what can I do if one of those two answers is mine :-) ). I hope the OP will look and respond...

Another great late answer - the accepted answer to this question was a great find.

I think this was one of the most fun. The really correct answer would be a combination of the accepted answer and Pete's, but I guess neither of us wanted to poach.

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