The deleted answer here reads like a copyright infringement notice, although I'm confused as to what could be considered infringing. I did not try following the link... was it detected malicious?

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    It's spam, it's been hitting the site under different names and different links for a few weeks now. – TheLethalCarrot Mod Jun 17 at 13:15
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    @TheLethalCarrot: Thank you. I figured as much, but this was the first I saw of it. – FuzzyBoots Jun 17 at 13:16

There's been a whole load of these "answers" posted in recent months. Some links (answers deleted, only visible to 10k+ rep users, I can't be bothered to post screenshots as the content is pretty much the same every time):

Especially that last one isn't even trying to look genuine: three separate answers under three different names, posted to a Q&A that doesn't even contain an image.

So yes, bogus. And even if it wasn't, it's not something that we (users or moderators) can handle; copyright violations are a matter for SE the company to deal with. That's why Null has been leaving comments on these posts with the link to contact SE - just in case any legitimate complaint comes through, they get redirected to the right place.


Yes these are spam posts. They've been showing up for at least a month. The format is always the same but the username (usually a "real" name) and link are different each time. Note that someone clicked the link (unfortunately) on one of the early ones and left the below comment which does confirm it pretty much:

First of all, the answer box is not the place for this sort of thing. Secondly, what images are you alleging are being infringed? I see no images on this page that would belong to you, and the linked document is coming up blank for me.

A discussion in chat about these posts between myself, DavidW and Mithical also led to DavidW posting this main meta poposal: Temporarily block (disable) links in spam-flagged posts

If you see these posts in the wild, please spam flag them.

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    And don't click the links! – Valorum Jun 17 at 22:08

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