Lately, we've been getting a lot of two line isekai questions, seemingly hit-and-runs where the question is incredibly barebones and we seldom see the person again. For one of them, Manga about a male student of magic who was killed by a noble, and reborn as a noble child, I actually do know the answer, but only because I started reading it on my own, and recognized the premise. Is it worthwhile to vote to reopen a question that might never be accepted, that has not been improved, because an answer is known?

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    My opinion on these is wait for detail, you know something that sounds familiar but it's not necessarily correct and the question is still lacking detail so if you're wrong would likely only end up needing closing again anyway. Leave a comment with the possible answer and see if they accept it later on maybe. – TheLethalCarrot Feb 12 at 13:59
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    {nods} It matches every detail. Both of them. X-D – FuzzyBoots Feb 12 at 14:00
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    The OP of that specific question was online just an hour ago, so there may still be hope of them seeing and accepting an answer. – F1Krazy Feb 13 at 0:47

In general

I'm going to say no. If a question has been closed as lacking focus, the typical reason is that it potentially matches lots of properties. That you've managed to identify one of those properties (and presumably would like to post it as an answer) doesn't change the fact that the question is lacking focus.


If you post a comment mentioning a property that matches their crappy description and OP confirms that that's precisely what they were looking for all along, in that case it seems churlish to leave it closed when there's a perfectly good (and correct) answer waiting to be posted.

In specific

That particular question should be reopened. Although it's very terse, the presence of a fairly identifying fact (that the main character has a pet goat) should be sufficient to have it stand out from the crowd of other properties that match the Isekai Reincarnation trope

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