Seriously, I have the answer to someone's question. But if this takes too long, they won't get it. I don't time to to receive internet blessings.

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    FWIW, I think you are confusing answering (1 rep, except in limited cases) with "comment everywhere" which requires 50 rep. Try answering, and ask on meta if you have problems. – DavidW Jan 9 '20 at 4:52
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    I've got 21k rep and still haven't gotten Internet Blessings as a perk. I'm starting to think it's a scam. – gowenfawr Jan 9 '20 at 14:17

You don't need 50 rep to answer someone's question. You can do so right away!

The different levels of reputation needed for certain actions are called privileges.

The ones relevant to you are:

  • 1: create posts
    Ask a question or contribute an answer
  • 10: remove new user restrictions
    Post more links, answer protected questions
  • 50: comment everywhere
    Leave comments on other people's posts

As you can see, you only need 1 point of reputation to participate. This allows you to ask questions, answer them, and comment on your own questions and answers.

Some questions are protected. They have a notice that reads "highly active question". To answer those, you need to have earned 10 points of reputation. Since you get those for just one single up vote on a post (question or answer) of yours, that's not that big a hurdle.

What you do need 50 points of reputation for, is commenting on every possible post (not just your own). What I think happened, is that you tried to answer in a comment. That's exactly what the threshold is there for. Scroll down a bit, and you'll find a big text box captioned "Your Answer". That's where your answer should go. This allows other users to vote on it, which earns you reputation.

For more information, please see the help or take the tour.

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