Now that we are nearing the end of Game of Thrones, would it be entirely off-topic to argue the "most noble character" on the main, or would that be completely POB? If so, how could the Q be phrased better?

Is it even possible we could set up some kind of voting system?

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  • wetpaint.com/whos-most-noble-character-1-795242 - Behold, an entire article of opinion with little or no objective evidence – Valorum Apr 11 '19 at 22:52
  • To start with, shouldn't the asker define quality what he means by "noble"? In the setting of Game of Thrones (which I never read or watched any of) is "nobility" about being high-born, or is it about being of good moral character? – user14111 Apr 13 '19 at 6:13
  • @user14111 - Hence why we need to avoid questions that focus on the nature of nobility and keep to objective measures like what the author said or whether any characters are described as being especially noble in the books/interviews/whatever – Valorum Apr 13 '19 at 10:23

You need to phrase it in a way that's quantifiable rather than merely soliciting people's opinions about which they think are the most noble.

Something like;

Which character does GRRM think is most noble?


Which character is described as most noble in-universe?

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  • erm...could you possibly expand on the second? I think was basically my point. – Cascabel Apr 11 '19 at 22:42
  • I'm gonna ask both..txs – Cascabel Apr 11 '19 at 22:43
  • @Cascabel - Well, for example has any character been referred to as being the noblest? We certainly have multiple examples of those who've been described as villainous – Valorum Apr 11 '19 at 22:43
  • @Cascabel - Both are non-opinion-based and potentially excellent questions. – Valorum Apr 11 '19 at 22:44
  • so sorry, but I have not read the books. Thanks for your input. – Cascabel Apr 11 '19 at 22:44
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    @Cascabel - In that case, there's potentially a third; "Which character do the producers of the GoT show think is the most noble?" – Valorum Apr 11 '19 at 22:45
  • should WE post 3 separate Qs? I,m gonna do the one about JRRM – Cascabel Apr 11 '19 at 22:46
  • @Cascabel - It's up to you. Might I suggest you post one and see how well it's received. There's always time to ask more and you may find that the answer for one also covers questions you were planning to ask in future on the same theme. – Valorum Apr 11 '19 at 22:48
  • done...plz see the Q and feel free to edit. I think it should be a community effort. rep is of little importance to me, only the ideas. – Cascabel Apr 11 '19 at 23:04

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