For those unfamiliar, the new Star Trek series, Discovery, has proven controversial for many fans. Unfortunately many SFF users apparently feel the need to express their dissatisfaction every chance they get. I don't wish to call anyone out in particular but here are a few comments to illustrate what I mean:

You should know by now that Discovery doesn't give one nanospeck about preserving canon. I wish Q would erase it

Excellent point. I have two possible answers: 1) Plot hole = lazy writers [...]

other than finding themselves in a pale imitation of Star Trek? ;D

Because Star Trek: Discovery is written by people who've never watched Star Trek

I think this is just bad writing [...]

Because terrible writing

I rather suspect that the writers have never actually seen an episode of Trek before and were just working off notes that were sent to them by the studio

no more than the entire series is an entire contradiction to most ST canon :\

In my opinion these comments are off-topic and unhelpful to the person asking.

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    Are all of those comments from me? – Valorum Apr 8 at 19:47
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    No but the bulk are from you and one other user. – Brian Ortiz Apr 8 at 19:48
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    lol. I promise to try to stop :-) – Valorum Apr 8 at 19:49
  • Hard to tell without context whether the comments were off topic or inappropriate. – Ben Crowell Apr 17 at 18:07

You're not wrong. Certainly the bulk of these comments aren't especially "nice" and while they aren't directed at the users posting the questions, I can see how they might result in them feeling like their questions are less welcome than others.

I promise wholeheartedly to keep my criticism of this show to private channels from now on.

Mea culpa and I've tried to locate all of my snark and remove it. Feel free to prod me if I've missed anything.

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    This is appreciated and beyond the response I expected. In fairness to you, most of the comments are by someone else. However yours were more disconcerting given that I respect you a great deal as a contributor. – Brian Ortiz Apr 8 at 20:02
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    @BrianOrtiz - Nah. I sometimes forget that while I'm busily amusing myself and laughing at my own antics, there are people on the other side of the screen who might not necessarily get the joke. – Valorum Apr 8 at 20:03
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    I agree w/ the answer by Valorum for my part as well @BrianOrtiz and apologies - I'll do the same in regards to cleanup :) – NKCampbell Apr 18 at 14:24

Our "Be Nice" policy (I guess now the Code of Conduct), does apply to "public figures" which would include the writers of the show.

The correct course of action would be flag posts you think are do not follow policy and the moderation team can handle them from there.

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    My own opinion would be to flag them as "No Longer Needed" unless they are especially vulgar or rude. – Skooba Apr 8 at 20:03

By their Stack Exchange definitions, comments are supposed to clarify the question, add more info, in short, be constructive. Amittedly we SFF folks do have more "joke" comments left around, about JKR math not making any sense, Highlander II not being a thing, etc, etc; they're mostly fine, but as always, too much can be too much.

I'm not familiar with Discovery or Star Trek in general, but from what you've provided, they're not especially good jokes and could indeed be seen as too snarky to comply with the Be Nice policy - especially more unwelcoming to a new user, as I guess people asking questions about the show are even remotely liking it.

The best course of action is to raise a flag on these comments, either explaining how it's not constructive and snarky, or just going for No Longer Needed. The mods should be able to handle it swiftly. If there are many comments, just raise one flag explaining all the chain can go.

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    I quite liked Highlander II. – Valorum Apr 8 at 20:08
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    I also object to you saying that these aren't good jokes. – Valorum Apr 8 at 20:09
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    And heck we have whole questions dedicated to how bad JKR is at math and other things... tis not a joke! – Skooba Apr 8 at 20:10

These kinds of comments are bad to have around and should be removed.

Faction warring is bad for any community and this is a form of it.

For any particular piece of media, those engaged in it and asking/answering about it should not have to deal with people dropping in just to disparage it. That open disparagement creates an atmosphere of hostility toward the people engaged in that media. This will alienate those people away from the community, and may create grudges and resentment which will escalate and spill out later in more disruptive ways. It will directly lead to reduced activity on the topic by driving away the people who want to be asking/answering about it, which should be seen as an unacceptable and negative outcome for the community.

This means these disparaging comments directly diminish our site's ability to service the body of science fiction & fantasy fiction and compromise the health and harmony of our community. All of that is bad.

We should see snark and disparagement toward a media as directly unwelcoming to those users engaged in that media. That snark and disparagement should be flagged and removed.

Constructive criticism is fair, of course, and we need to be able to engage in it, but there's a huge difference betweeen “JK Rowling is bad at math and dates so the chronology you've seen there doesn't add up” and persistent comments that a piece of media has terrible writing, lazy writers, should be erased from existence, etc.

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