As a way to celebrate the New Year and lasting contributions to the site by new users I have created this honorary post stolen Skooba's honorary post idea from last year based on a simple premise...

The user with the highest rank in the yearly reputation league that was not previously ranked. For the Year 2018 league the winner is:


Jenayah Rank in the league

Coming in at an impressive #9 rank for the year with 14,253 reputation gained in ~9 months is certainly an achievement to be recognised. Please join in congratulating this exceptional user!

Note that this year was quite tight with Alex coming in at spot #10 with 13,353 reputation gained in ~7 months.

Previous years winners based on the criteria are:

  • Didn't realize it at first, but I'm poised to get it for 2019 with the marvelous rank of 50th place! (Though, a lot can happen in 6 months!)
    – user112267
    Commented May 29, 2019 at 1:17

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Well done, and we look forward to all your contributions in the new year and all the years to come as well!


Go Jenayah!

Congratulations for your exceptional work and immense contributions to our Stack Exchange community!

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