Yesterday I noticed that we don't have a tag on this site. He's a very well known game designer who's worked on several sci-fi and fantasy titles, including (all emphasis mine):


The setting and story of Snatcher are heavily influenced by cyberpunk and science-fiction media, taking place in a large futuristic dystopian city. The story revolves around an investigator named Gillian Seed assigned to investigate a breed of bioroids known as "snatchers", who are killing humans and taking their place in society.

Metal Gear Solid

The year is 2005 (the game was released in 1998), six years after the downfall of Zanzibarland. A renegade genetically-enhanced special forces unit, FOXHOUND, has seized a remote island in Alaska's Fox Archipelago codenamed "Shadow Moses", the site of a nuclear weapons disposal facility. FOXHOUND threatens to use the nuclear-capable mecha, Metal Gear REX, against the U.S. government if they do not receive the remains of Big Boss and the ransom of $1 billion within 24 hours. Solid Snake is forced out of retirement by Colonel Roy Campbell to infiltrate the island and neutralize the threat.

Zone of the Enders

The Zone of the Enders series is set in the late 22nd century. Mankind has colonized Mars, and space colonies are also set up in orbit around Jupiter. Fueling this expansion are two scientific advances: the development of the Laborious Extra-Orbital Vehicle, or LEV, a mecha used for labor and military use, and the discovery of Metatron, a high-energy ore found on Callisto.

We have several questions about J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and Isaac Asimov, but none about Kojima, and he's only ever mentioned in one answer to one question.

So are questions about him and his career considered off-topic? Has he not contributed enough to the genres?

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    No tags just mean nobody's gotten around to creating one yet, or nobody's asked about the thing yet. :) Jul 28, 2017 at 15:44

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Tags for works should exist separately from tags for authors. In general, we try to use author tags only for questions about their lives, or overarching themes in their works (or maybe their style).

If the question is asking about a) aspects of the author's life, or b) aspects of the author's work that are not specific to a single work or franchise, then we tag the question with the name of the author.

Thus an author may already be present on this site, even without a dedicated tag. Their works don't need to be tagged with the author tag, unless for reasons listed in linked meta.

If you can make a good case 1 for a question about Hideo Kojima being on-topic - maybe you'll ask where he got the inspiration for the newest game, Death Stranding (just an example, maybe not a good one) - create the tag and ask away (you have the needed rep to create a tag).

1 Said case better be really good, because the line between off-topic and on-topic for questions about authors is thin. Looking at Kojima's Wikipedia page, most if not all his works seem to be SFF-related, but not every question about Kojima is a good fit for this site. Rand's answer suggests a heuristic:

Is it justifiably connected to an SF/F work?

which I think makes sense. An even older meta explicitly marks fandom-related questions as on-topic, even if hardly connected to an SFF work.

  • Okay. I wasn't sure if there was already a consensus on his standing in our community. Jul 28, 2017 at 15:41
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    @DCOPTimDowd - there probably just hasn't been an interest. Video game fans tend to focus on Arqade rather than here.
    – Radhil
    Jul 29, 2017 at 10:31

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