I was thinking of posting a "story identification" question regarding a series I use to read as a child. I do not think any book continued from the other, but there was a constant theme of a space explorer of some sort crash landing on an alien planet.

The thing is, there was very little in regards to story. They were puzzle books. I can remember enough about the series to post an on-topic identification question (in theory) - but I was wondering how everyone would feel, given the fact that these books were primarily puzzle books, and not written literature.

I use to read these books as a child, and I would greatly appreciate being able to find them again. If such a question would be off-topic, how could I tailor it to be on-topic?

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    Hmm, interesting question. I'd say that science fiction can take many forms, and doesn't always look like a story; puzzle books about astronauts and aliens are just as much sci-fi as novels about astronauts and aliens. And we have in the past accepted story-ID questions which turned out to be commercials.
    – Rand al'Thor Mod
    Commented Apr 23, 2017 at 15:38

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As long as there was a consistent science fiction theme throughout, these books would be perfectly well on topic.

We've had other questions about puzzle books (typically of the CYOA variety) as well as scifi artbooks and the community seems broadly happy with them.

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