From what I can tell, our site is not available for searching through the Data Explorer.

Why is this and what can we do to help get it there?

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Most recent: 2012 Feb 2

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  • Case closed. :) – Kalamane Feb 3 '12 at 21:49

If I understand correctly only sites out of beta are included, and the export only happens monthly (for data explorer – downloadable export is less frequent).

With this site newly out of beta, there may not have been an export yet.

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    But this site came out of beta on Dec 13, and the data explorer was updated on Dec 21–22. – user56 Dec 24 '11 at 15:36

As I think, Stack Exchange doesn't assume this QnA site as useful real-world knowledge resource.
Forums were introduced because books & knowledge websites present ideal situation. But, in real world, we face real-world problems. The advantage of a QnA site over a forum is that finding answer for a particular question is fast. Nobody needs to dig too deep inside a thread. Build on this concept, Stack Overflow became successful in past. All other QnA sites in Stack Exchange network are build around this concept: To help professionals (or, anyone) find solution of real-world problems quickly.
Science Fiction & Fantasy is meant only for virtual world based entertainment. So, Stack Exchange has excluded it from Data Explorer.

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