The OP of the following question wanted it to be migrated to general meta:
The questions page gets weird when there's more than 500 questions with new activity

I could only flag for moderator; there is no migration path to meta.SE. It seems like a logical migration path for any meta.

There are probably more questions here that are not specific to this Stack but are general issues.

Can we have a migration path from meta.scifi.se to meta.se?

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    Pretty soon, that'll mean chopping off 'scifi' from the beginning of the URL :P
    – Mithical
    Mar 13, 2017 at 8:07

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We've only migrated three questions from here to main meta in the last year. That's a small enough workload for five moderators to handle easily. As Kevin said, the primary reason for a migration path is that the volume of migrations becomes a strain on mods' time.

As to the specific question you link to, at no time did the OP say he wanted it migrated. I mentioned the possibility in a comment, and he responded, "if you want to migrate to meta.SE (can you do that?) then feel free." I didn't particularly want to migrate it - in fact, I kind of like having that question here as a monument to Operation Front Page this weekend - so I left it alone. But now that you've flagged it, I'll wait for another mod to handle that flag, and perhaps it will get migrated after all.


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