I just saw this ad:

            the actual ad image

on a SF&F page (it was here, although I doubt that it matters).  I moved my mouse pointer over it and the text “Tagline to show on mouseover” appeared.

            screenshot from my screen

Obviously that’s a template value that was meant to be replaced.

Browser is Internet Explorer 11.

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    Technically this might be status-bydesign, since the tagline is exactly what it was set to be in the ad posted on meta. But I'm marking it status-completed because you found an issue that's been fixed, even if it was due to human error rather than anything wrong in the system. – Rand al'Thor Mar 9 '17 at 1:15

This is because the person who posted the ad on our Community Promotion Ads page didn't include a proper tagline other than the generic one. Here's his post in edit mode:


I just edited the tagline to "Find canon Star Wars information", so this is now fixed.

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