I have seen some titles that are not real questions, just telling the issue that will be dealt with. Is it a good practice? Is it mandatory for titles to be questions and end with question marks?

EDIT : I'm aware this might be a duplicate of Are non-question titles desirable or undesirable? but I did not find this one with the keywords title, question and mark.


No, it's not mandatory

Ideally, question titles should describe the thing that's being asked. Usually that takes the form of a question, but it needn't always.

A good, top-of-mind example is Help me find this robot cartoon character. Yes, that title could be re-written as "Who is this robot cartoon character?", but the benefit is marginal at best.

Story-id questions are also good examples; a question on the front page right now is Sci fi movie where Earth's most influential figures are revealed to be alien androids. I ask you: what benefit is gained from rewriting that as "What is the title of a sci fi movie where etc."? Especially when you consider that most, if not all, story-id questions could be re-written in that way, it just becomes redundant noise.

Clarity is more important than nitpicky rules.


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