tag is a franchise tag but its name makes it sound like a character tag. I know it's an old famous tag but it's never too late to fix issues. Buffyverse is a fan favorite term for the franchise and quite well known among the fans. I did discuss it in chat but to no avail. So bringing it here.

Note: It can be achieved without affecting the front page.

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    Can't wait for the harry-potter -> potterverse proposal... :rolleyes: – Shog9 Sep 30 '16 at 12:05
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    This might have had traction if there was more than one work significantly used on the site with Buffy as a key word/character. There really really isn't, and while your term might be well known by fans (I know it), fans aren't the only people asking questions. – Radhil Sep 30 '16 at 13:45


No, but rename to , the proper full name of the franchise.


I don't think we need a character tag for Buffy herself.

So the question now is, what tags do we need?

The Buffyverse consists of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which has a movie, a TV series, a line of comics and a line of novels, and of Angel, which has a TV series and a line of comics.

So we have two tags for two TV series and their accompanying works. For questions spanning the entire Buffyverse, just add both.


I think that we could rename to the full title, , with a synonym.

But that's a bit besides the point.

†: I know there's a certain high-rep user who is a big fan of the character, but I still don't think we need a character tag for her. Sorry, Richard.

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    As a relative noob, "buffy-the-vampire-slayer" seems to double up as both a character and a franchise tag in one, to me. So it's a good option. – DVK-on-Ahch-To Oct 1 '16 at 1:51


Has there been a single instance where a user has reported confusion over the tag? Has there been any occurrrences of a user creating a new tag because they don't know how to use the old one? Is there more likelihood that users will recreate the "Buffy" tag because they don't know what a Buffyverse is?

This seems like a change that would make little or no difference to people's likely usage of the site and could potentially make people's lives microscopically harder.

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