I closed the question Do owls have to have training? (asked on 12.04.12) in favor of How was Hedwig able to find Sirius? (asked on 08.13.16).

I feel the Hedwig question is more precise and provides an answer that is better grounded in canon; it quotes Pottermore. The answer to the owl training question references one of the Harry Potter movies as its source, making it lower on the HP canon hierarchy than Pottermore.

Was I in any way obligated to select the newer question for closure? Was choosing an older, more established question for closure acceptable?

I was thinking a question's quality and relevance are ultimately more important considerations than when a question was asked and answered, which is wholly incidental.

I sometimes have a hard time discerning true duplicates and close questions when I shouldn't (Of course I reverse the closure if it's explained to me why I'm wrong in a way that makes sense.). So, I don't always feel super confident when I close a question, hence me bringing this to meta.



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