Someone recently asked which question on SFF had the most downvotes. Of course, it is trivial to determine which question has the lowest total score: just order by votes.

However, this does not tell us what is the lowest-scoring question there has ever been, since a question that scored so low might well have been deleted.

Is there any way to determine what is the lowest-scoring question SFF has ever had, including questions that are now deleted?


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I believe this is what you're looking for;

Deleted questions with score

If you run the search (and you've got over 10K rep), you can review the questions that were low voted and subsequently deleted (correct as of 11/03/17)

1) Did Draco Malfoy rape Hermione Granger? [duplicate] (-28 = 28 down, 0 up)
2) Did Draco rape Hermione? [duplicate] (-23 = 23 down, 0 up)
3) Do imaginary animals; dragons, unicorns, etc… exist in the real world? [closed] (-21 = 22 down, 1 up)
4) Who is the new 'Darth Vader 2.0' character? [deleted] (-19 = 27 down, 6 up)
5) I KNOW WHO KILLED PHONE GUY IN FNAF 1 [closed] (-18 = 18 down, 0 up)
5) Is this a valid explanation for why the TARDIS blew up? Also could Davros be the TARDIS controller [closed] (-18 = 18 down, 0 up)

Had these questions survived, the topmost would have come in at #3 on the list of the 5 most downvoted questions of all time. The top two would have made the top 5 aggregate list (e.g. upvotes v. downvotes) coming in at #2 and #3, respectively.

I guess because in order for a question to be truly despised, it needs to not get deleted for at least a while.

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