What can we infer about the programming language used in "Jurassic Park" (the book, not the movie)?

It seems that putting a question "on hold" disables the ability to post answers, so that an "on hold" question by definition can never attract good answers (because it cannot attract any answers).

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    Since you seem to be unfamiliar with the SE model of closing questions, here's a link which may help you to learn more about it in general. – Rand al'Thor Jul 27 '16 at 8:10

I've just cast the final vote to reopen. In my opinion it's not a good question, but it's also not off-topic given its reference to the text of a scifi novel.

I suspect it will spawn a bunch of highly guesswork-oriented answers as well as some code rants. That being said, I stand ready to be pleasantly surprised if it turns out to be something interesting.

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